Catie + Ben, Vintage Arizona Wedding Part 1

I spoke to Catie on the phone and knew right away our styles were a perfect match! I was giddy over all the details and it did not disappoint. She said it was a photographer’s dream; it was. What was even more precious than all of the amazing, hand picked vintage details was the sweetness of Catie + Ben. They are so cute together! You can really tell how much Ben adores Catie and how much she loves Ben.

There were SO many details, I have to break this blog into a few different parts. Come back! There’s so much more!

What Catie said about the most memorable moment of her wedding day- Ben was soooo cute! When I came around the corner down the aisle I could see Ben standing on his tippy toes peeking over heads trying to see me. When I got to the front his eyes were all teary! Sooo cute! He later whispered in my ear that he about lost it when he saw me come around the corner.

Everyone at this wedding looked so vintage-amazing! They are wearing the hats from the photo booth.

Part 2 coming soon…..

24 Comments on “Catie + Ben, Vintage Arizona Wedding Part 1

  1. this pictures are amazing!

  2. ok…I am IN LOVE!!!!! These are just awesome!!!!

  3. Holy Cow. This is perfect. I love every single ittly bitty thing about it. Their style is amazing and your photography captured it perfectly. This one hurt…it is so rad.

  4. Dana- You are like an attractive couple magnet! Your work is amazing and your detail shots are unmatched!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  5. I am absolutely amazed by this wedding! I feel that you truly captured the details and moments perfectly!

  6. Wow!!!! Such an amazing transformation and the detail was awesome!!! Oh to have known you 4 years ago when I got married….. =(

  7. I keep looking at this blog. Kristin is right, it hurts my heart in the best way possible, that’s how amazing it is!

  8. Freaking amazing. Can’t wait to see more!

  9. okay, I want catie’s dress. it is so incredible. is there a way to email her to ask about the process she went through to make it?

  10. I just read what Mandee said…I will give you my secret if you email me at

  11. Love this wedding, I can’t stop staring at every little detail.

  12. Beautiful Wedding with awesome details…. This is some awesome photography ! I would love to feature this wedding on trendy bride ….

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