Heritage Museum Wedding: Kristen + Chris

This wedding inspired me to come up with something I like to call the “Wedding Trifecta”. What is the “Wedding Trifecta” you ask?
It is:
1. Rad Couple
2. Fun Details
3. Wild Party
Some weddings will have 2 out of 3 and it’s still a great wedding or 1 out of 3, which is still acceptable. However when you run into all 3, you’ve hit the wedding jackpot.

I did. As I usually do.

Ceremony: Heritage Square Museum
Reception: Eagle Rock Center for the Arts





Their band photo.















Loved all the fun details at the reception.

I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure this is the cutest cake topper ever.


Dance party.





They’re “adorkable”!! They made up that gem. I cannot take credit.

15 Comments on “Heritage Museum Wedding: Kristen + Chris

  1. The charm of this couple and the beauty of your photography is just a breath taking combination…Everything you capture is magic :o) Love all the details!!!

  2. ho.lee.crap dana – you did it! you made our little event look like a big ol’ grand affair. thanks for making it look so beautiful. we had such a blast and that was in no small part due to you. best. photographer. ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow. i was there and i must say you truly captured the spirit, fun, and uniqueness of the event! bravo!

  4. Heather and Van says:

    Holy Shmookies, these photos are SOOOOO AWESOME!!! I’m sorry I made my wife sooo sick in so much that she could not make it, it looks like such a super funnest time ever!!!!!! You guys are the CUTEST couple! – Van, now here is Heather: [ I am to sick I am going to sleep ]

  5. Momma Hacker says:

    Beautiful Pictures! You two look so happy and we’re happy for you. Lots of love, Mom & Dad

  6. Okay,…it is not even fair how cute and amzing this wedding is. What in the world? This needs to be in a book or something famous! Rad…every second of it is fun unique, charming…man, you nailed this one Dana!

  7. That house looks like a life sized doll house! You sure do get a lot of couples with the same name. P.S. LOVE the usage of hte word “trifecta”

  8. Love the photos! Great job, Dana. You really did capture the spirit of the party, the wedding.

  9. dont know the couple, but i know kristen’s mom from my time in iraq. pictures are breath taking. gr8 reminder as to why leaving my family and going to iraq again is worth every moment. congrats and treasure life together as you did on your wedding day!

  10. great photos…congrats to the newlyweds! You guys did a great job portraying your style and personality on your big day :)

  11. Seriously if I ever re-married my husband, it would look exactly like this. What a beautiful wedding and wedding party! Great photo’s, as always I’m so impressed!

  12. I love love love this wedding!! Photo amazing.. check.. Great details check check.. WOW.. Awesome.. Its great.. Cheers.
    Kyle at s28..

  13. i LOVE this wedding! it’s so great! and i’m new to your work, but i love it too! so pretty! i have a wedding blog called hi-fi weddings and i’d love to feature some of your work if you have any music obsessed/inspired clients! this wedding might work if the couple had rad dance party tunes (from the shots it looks like a blast)!!!

    xo – ashley

  14. Help me create this gloriful wedding!

  15. quick question! Do you know about how many people attended the reception at the Center For The Arts?! Because I would love to use this place for an event of about 100 seated people, and I would love to know your input on it. if you could email me at samgarong@gmail.com real quick, that would be GREEEATT!! Thank you! These pictures are beautiful by the way! :)


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