Heather + Grayson, Crestmore Manor Wedding

Heather + Grayson had such a fun wedding. Heather is also a photographer, so she knew exactly what she wanted from her wedding. She either handmade everything or put it together somehow. From each centerpiece to the place settings. She did such an amazing job executing her vision.

Venue: Crestmore Manor.
Makeup: Amy Clarke
Grayson’s boutonniere is from Etsy.
Bridesmaid Dresses are from Urban Outfitters.

Their theme was birds, feathers, orange, teal, yellow, apple green. Each centerpiece was a little different. The plates at the head table were all from Heather’s vintage collection.

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**Note to brides on the fence about doing a “first look”. Heather is a photographer herself so for her own wedding she realized the importance of doing a first look before the ceremony.  It  makes the day go by so much smoother, gives the opportunity for awesome photos and gets most pictures out of the way. So after the ceremony, it’s time to party!**





This is one of my faves of the day!






The wedding party: Notice the different colored ties and no jackets. Love it!

Heather handmade the teal sashes. The maid of honor and best man wore teal instead of yellow.


They made the bouquets.

I pretty much couldn’t stop laughing when I saw these faces!


The ceremony. The girls and guys were on different sides than usual. I love how the dog is looking at Grayson!




I love these moments after the couple walks down the aisle.

These are my favorite too!



Such a fun wedding party!

Heather handmade the seating chart. Dessert: Cupcakes, cheesecake bites, cakes and smores!



Meanwhile, back in doggy jail…..



They rode their cute bike out!


17 Comments on “Heather + Grayson, Crestmore Manor Wedding

  1. Tiffani Michelle says:

    from the colors to the feathers to every lil last detail, i luv it!! what a beautiful day too!!

  2. wow…everything was amazing. Details were too fun and couple was so darling. What a dope wedding and you guys captured it awesome! NICE!

  3. Ah -you guys killed it again!! I love all of them…

  4. What a fun wedding! You can tell that it was all about that couple and who they are. So wonderful!


    Rebecca June

  5. you guys are… amazing. oh man, you know how excited I get… i almost pooped. I can’t wait to see the rest. I just wanna buy you a Christmas tree or something.

  6. Ashley Buelna says:

    Yellow is a color you never really see people using and she pulls it off beautifully. I love the details!! They look awesome.

  7. Brenda Glasby says:

    I’m the proud mother of the groom and new mother-in-law. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I can not wait to see the rest. I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride and in-love groom. Love them Dana and Jeremy!!! Brenda

  8. Rachel Phillips says:

    From an aunt of the groom way out in the backwoods of PA…these are AMAZING! It was so much fun to get a glimpse of the beauty and love of Heather and Grayson’s special day. Can’t wait to see more!

  9. I love love love these photos. What a beautiful wedding!

  10. Erin Marie says:

    so creative and colorful..inspiring!! you guys captured every detail perfectly!!

  11. WOW!!! What an amazing wedding, and what a great looking couple! You two captured it all beautifully, I feel like I was there.

  12. way to totally rock it! great, great work.

  13. LOVE the jumping shot–was just thinking the other day it would have been a great concept with our large wedding party–so happy someone shot it! :D

  14. SUCH a beautiful wedding. And the jumping shot is rad. I have that same garter for my wedding ;)

  15. Absolutly Amazingly beautiful wedding hands down! I love the photos!

  16. I’ve been looking at wedding photos of this place because I literally live less than a mile away & have dreamed of being married here. I’m also a big crafter & would do everything handmade. This wedding is perfect. I’m in awe. Your photos are beautiful & have convinced me…I mean, why not get married in what is practically your backyard? =)Gorgeous camera work!

  17. That place is amazing. Looks like it was a great time!

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