Heather + Grayson, The Engagement

The session has everything but the kitchen sink.

Heather + Grayson are also photographers, so they were up for anything. We had been wanting to shoot at this place for a long time and they were the perfect fit! They are super photogenic and SO cute and fun!

Heather has been DYING to see them so without further ado:

Jeremy’s adventures in lighting.



Heather was so much fun to photograph! Her red hair is to die for!

This is my favorite kind of feeling.


Their wedding is going to be so fun and stylish! We can’t wait!

17 Comments on “Heather + Grayson, The Engagement

  1. So Heather what your saying is you like the photos?

  2. Heather Jagger says:

    oh..my..gosh. you guys just made my freakin year. i want to blow them up and make them wall paper.. is that vain? i don’t even care because they are amazing. ahhhh i want to forget i saw them and look at them again for the first time! you guys are fam-freakin-tastic!

    like i said, 10 Christmases in one.. pure joy.

  3. Those are gorgeous! I love all the different feels and styles! Beautiful!

  4. These are perfect. I want her hair. As a matter of fact, I’m going to make an appt RIGHT NOW to dye my hair that color. True story.

    P.S. You guys are the best photogs on the planet!

  5. candice valdespino says:

    i am heather’s roommate and she just pooped her pants with excitement and weeped at the sight of the last image.

    they are fan-freaking-tastic and i love them.
    amazing job!

  6. Thank you so much Dana and Jeremy! I usually do not look good in photos, but hopefully you cured me. They are awesome and I think Heather already ordered the frames to put them in. Haha, but im serious!

  7. leigh miller says:

    really great work!

  8. Let’s try this again!

    I said something like, I cant find the words to explain how much I love this shoot. It is so creative and sunny! That couple is so darn cute and the locations are amazing. Such an inspiring shoot! This one will be hard to top! :)

  9. Well worth the wait:) I love everything about these photos! Heather does have amazing hair!


  10. Heather Jagger says:

    Thanks for all the comments about my hair guys! haha, normally it looks much crappier than that.

  11. you guys are unbelievable..these pictures are timeless..and they look like movie stars!


  12. You guys look great!!!!!!! Looking forward to your special day. Jeff & Annie

  13. I followed your link from Jessica Claire’s blog and I’m so glad I did! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!!! Are you sure they’re photographers and not models? Seriously!
    Congrats on winning the shootsac : )

  14. Amy Clarke ~Make-up Artist says:

    OH my goodness!!! I had no idea Heather was that beautiful! What a great looking couple! I can’t WAIT to do her makeup for her wedding; she is going to make such a beautiful Bride! You guys out did yourselves, if photo shoots were like albums, this one would go platinum!

  15. The Rachunok Family says:

    I love her boots, she has such cute style, goes so well with your photography. Great job, I have to keep looking over and over again. I can’t believe they are a couple, this seems like a model shoot! Too cute!

  16. Libby Krisinger says:

    um…HELLO! Could they be anymore cuter? They look perfect in oh i don’t know every single shot! I love these. They look like models. If she’s interested in being my personal stylist I have no objections!

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